Saluvision 45 tablets Salus

Blueberries and vitamins for the eyes

The Saluvision capsules contain a powder of fresh blueberries and dried extract of blueberries with 0.6 mg anthocyanosides. The capsules are supplemented with vitamins A and B2, these vitamins support the condition of the eye.

Our eyes must respond alertly all day. These are unique tools that give us the opportunity to observe everything around you. However, we nowadays require more and more of our eyes. Salus Saluvision is a dietary supplement based on blueberries, which have been known for centuries for their ingredients that are good for the eyesight.

In addition, the berries contain vitamin A and vitamin B2, which help maintain the normal visual function to keep on looking sharp.

Saluvision is easy to use due to the intake of 1 capsule per day.

• Capsules based on blueberries and vitamins for the eyes.
• Vitamin A and B2 contribute to the maintenance of normal vision.
• Only 1 capsule per day.

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