Ortho Digest forte 30 capsules Orthonate

Thanks to its natural formula, Ortho Digest Forte is perfectly suited to fully balance the digestion in the following cases:

  • With excessive meals
  • In an unusual diet (for example on vacation)
  • during the pregnancy
  • During travel (eg at sea, by plane or by car)
  • In digestive disorders
  • In poor dietary habits (ready meals or fast food)

Ortho Digest Forte contains ginger and helps to maintain digestive welfare.

Ortho Digest Forte also contains numerous digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are created by the digestive system, thus allowing the cleavage of complex molecules into simple molecules that can be absorbed by the organism. They are produced in saliva, stomach and pancreas.

Each enzyme works at the level of a specific substrate. There are three types of identified:

  • The proteolytic enzymes that act on the proteins;
  • The glycolytic enzymes, which act on carbohydrates;
  • The lipolytic enzymes that act on the fats.

Digestive enzymes usually have a term ending ‘-ase’, depending on the molecule they convert.
Proteases digest for example proteins, lipases digest lipids, amylases digest starch.

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