Magnesis Trenker

Without the magnesium magnesium, our body can not function as it should. It plays a role in many vital functions, such as the proper functioning of the muscles and nerves.

We can not produce all the magnesium we need. That is why we must get it out of our diet. In some circumstances, such as during pregnancy, during sports or stressful situations, we need more magnesium.


Magnesis TRENKER contains a magnesium oxide liposome that protects the magnesium as it passes through the stomach and in the digestion through the gastric juices. Thanks to this particular structure there is no reaction with the intestinal wall and the mineral is directly taken into the bloodstream ..

In addition, Magnesis TRENKER combines the effectiveness of liposomal magnesium with all vitamins B in a natural form. They bundle their powers for a complete operation that offers many advantages:

  • A fatigue reduction¹
  • Normal intellectual performance (better resistant to stress) ²
  • A normal operation of the muscles, including the heart¹
  • A normal nerve function¹
  • Maintaining a healthy bone frame¹
  • Growth of maternal tissues during pregnancy³
  • Proper functioning of the immune system 4

The trick of Trenker

Magnesis TRENKER contains a magnesium of the youngest generation with a good concentration of mineral, exceptional bioavailability and excellent tolerability.

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