Kwalitis Trenker

Qualitata available in the form of capsules contains 500 mg of turmeric extract (Curcuma longa L.) BCM-95® to promote a good mental balance.

The turmeric rootstock extract is used in Asia, more specifically in India and China, traditionally for its beneficial effects.

Its beneficial effects have been investigated in numerous domains.
About the effects on the mood, very detailed literature contains convincing results.

Benefit of Curcuma longa BCM-95® extract in Kwalitis

As with most plant remedies, the quality of the BCM-95® extract determines its use in a dietary supplement. In an inadequate extraction, the components that provide the beneficial effect can not be sufficiently concentrated.
Kwalitis contains a carefully selected, complete extract of the rootstock of curcuma longa BCM-95® rootstock. It includes:
the 3 most important corkuminoids (curkumine, demethoxycurkumine, didemethoxycurkumine).
volatile oils (tumerone, atlantone, zingiberone).

The composition of the turmeric extract in Kwalitis has greatly increased bioavailability; The bioavailability is 7 times higher than that of a standard turmeric extract. The result is a higher concentration of the active ingredient in the blood; It also stays longer in the body.

The natural extract of Curcuma longa BCM-95® in Kwalitis consists 100% of an extract of Curcuma longa. In addition, many scientific studies have been conducted specifically with this extract of Curcuma longa BCM-95®, which also demonstrates the harmlessness.

Mood and quality of life

In some circumstances, such as a temporary period of stress, the natural nutrition Kwalitis, containing a specific extract of Curcuma longa, may be a new approach for mental balance support. The numerous studies conducted in this domain show that the turmeric extract in Kwalitis is good for promoting mood.


The normally recommended daily intake is 1 capsule per day, taken with a glass of water during the meal. But your doctor or pharmacist can advise you on a custom schedule (2 capsules per day in 2 inlets). In order to have a beneficial effect, it is recommended that Kwalitis be taken longer.

For people who have difficulty capsulating the capsule, the contents of the capsule can be mixed with a “fat” substance (some food, full milk / yoghurt, etc.). Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. May not be used as a replacement for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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