Darmocare infantis 60 sachets Bonusan

Darmocare Infantis is a balanced mix of bacterial strains specially formulated for babies and young children. It is completely safe and can therefore be used without problems in babies.

All bacterial strains in this product are selected on the basis of their acid and bile resistance, for a larger survival rate in the gastrointestinal tract. A dairy-free medium is used in the cultivation of the bacterial strains.

Thanks to the sachets, the bacteria are better than with other packaging forms protected against moisture, light, air and other adverse influences. At the time of production, each sachet contains many billions of germs to guarantee at least 2 billion viable bacteria per sachet during the entire shelf life. Darmocare Infantis can be stored at room temperature and taken away carefree.

  • Bacterial strains for babies and young children
  • Sachet, so optimal protection against moisture, light and air

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