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The ginkgo tree originates from Southeast Asia. The extract of the leaves has been used for centuries for therapeutic purposes.


The tree is not related to any other species, and as a species for 240 million years old – no wonder he sometimes “a living fossil” is mentioned. Ginkgo trees are extremely tough and strong easily be 30 to 40 feet high.

In the seventeenth century, the ginkgo tree was introduced in Europe. The characteristic fan-shaped, two-lobed leaves contain different active ingredients, especially the flavonglycosiden and terpene lactones are designated as the active substances.


Characteristics of Bio-Biloba
Bio-Biloba, is capable of the symptoms of mild-to-moderate impairment of blood supply to the blood vessels in the brains and the furthest away from the heart to counteract. Located limbs With the support of the circulation cells get more oxygen and nutrients, causing the normal functions of the body and brains are better preserved. Many people have noticed that Bio-Biloba symptoms such as cold hands and feet can counteract.

Thanks to the high concentration of ginkgo-biloba extract per tablet, the effect on intake of only 1-2 tablets per day in about 4 weeks noticeable.

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