Bio-antioxidant (multi-vit) Pharma Nord

Bio-antioxidant is a combination high-grade composition that is produced in accordance with the pharmaceutical guidelines. It contains 12 primary vitamins and 6 minerals, including selenium patented formulation SelenoPrecise® and other important antioxidants.

Each tablet delivers a high dose of the most relevant vitamins and minerals, including the B-group vitamins. Bio-Antioxidant contains no iron because not everyone can benefit from iron supplementation. People who need extra iron, use a separate supplement containing organically bound iron.

Multivitamin Pharma Nord (Bio-Antioxidant)

  • For a normally functioning immune system
  • Contains patented organic selenium yeast SelenoPrecise with a demonstrably stable absorbability of 89%, which is 150-200% more than inorganic selenium
  • Contains a complete vitamin B complex
  • Does not contain iron
  • Is soluble and absorbable
  • Got a score of 9.3 in consideration of the Consumers (2006)
  • Meets the guidelines for pharmaceutical production and the EU rules on food supplements

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