BB D3 200ie 20ml Orthonat

The skin makes vitamin D to when it is exposed to the UV-B rays of the sun. From April to October, you will do well to many to go out and to maximize the benefits of the sun. Be careful though, because the skin of your baby is very fragile and it is best not too much exposed to the sun.

But in our region the sun is not always on the appointment. You can take vitamin D through foods that are rich in fatty fish, egg yolks Πliver.

Vitamin D has various physiological activities. They contribute to:

â” the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus (two important minerals for the bone composition)
â” a normal calcium level
â” maintaining good bones
â” the preservation of muscle function
â” maintaining healthy teeth
â” the functioning of the immune system of children

In addition, vitamin D plays a role in the process of cell division.

Because vitamin D is so important for bone growth, the use of BB D3 200 IU fits perfectly with a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to support the growth of children.

Some children need more vitamin D:

  • premature babies stay in the hospital
  • Infants whose mothers have low circulating vitamin D levels of 25-OHD
  • babies with darker skin (pigmentation filters the UVB rays of the sun)
  • Babies who live in the High North
  • Babies who are breastfed

The drops have a neutral taste. Put the drip for your convenience directly into the mouth of your baby using the dropper or mix it with food or the bottle of your baby.

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