Arnica gel Bonusan

Arnica montana (arnica) contains mainly essential oils and flavonglycosiden. The essential oils contain among other terpenes. These substances stimulate the local blood circulation, have warming properties and ensure that wastes are removed faster into the skin. This is beneficial for the connective tissue and improves the resilience of the skin. Already in the ancient folk medicine extracts of Arnica flowers have been used to promote blood circulation of the skin. Especially in the mountain regions of Austria and Switzerland this plant proved its value for those with injuries from falls or knocks.

Arnica gel is well suited for the treatment of (sports) injuries after falling or bumping example, after exercise or strenuous physical exertion and stress on the muscles. It has a strong warming and relaxing effect on muscles and joints. It supports a fast recovery after training and sports performance. The jelly has the great advantage that it is easily absorbed through the skin, dries quickly and does not stain. It is ideally suited for sensitive skin.

Arnica gel may well serve to injuries from falls or knocks as first aid at home.

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