Aqtif 25 25mg Q-10 ubiquinol Trenker

The human body consists of billions of cells that are continually settled with internal and external factors (smoking, exposure to UV rays, pollution, stress, etc.). All these situations can cause an overproduction of free radicals in the body. That’s what we call oxidative stress. Various protection mechanisms must compensate for this oxidative stress.


The mitochondria are the energy plants of our cells and allow the production of energy in the form of ATP. Numerous enzymes and coenzymes are adapted.

The coenzyme Q10H2 is in all cells of the body, but we find the molecule in a larger proportion in the cells that need more energy, such as those of the heart, lungs, liver and muscles.

Vitamin E helps to protect the cells against oxidative stress.

The trick of Trenker

The coenzyme Q10 comes in two forms throughout the body for: the active unoxidized form or ubiquinol (Q10H2) and the inactive oxidized form or ubiquinone (Q10). Ubiquinol is most common in the body.

AQtif 25 contains ubiquinol.

This molecule of natural origin is produced by fermentation of a yeast and thus contains no impurities due to chemical synthesis.

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