Alline Prioderm capsules Trenker

Since the skin is the most visible part of the body, a smoother, softer and younger skin will increase self-confidence.

Alline proDERM is your ally for a radiant skin.
Alline proDERM contains water-soluble and bioavailable keratin, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and ceramosides®, one of the cocktail of beauty for the skin.

Thanks to the exclusive production process used for the extraction of keratin retains the complete amino acid composition of keratin, and is made water soluble. This allows that this keratin is optimally absorbed by the body.

Vitamin C contributes to:
the normal formation of collagen, to support the essential function of the skin.
the protection of the cells from oxidative stress induced by environmental pollutants, and solar radiation.

Ceramosides® his patented natural extracts from plants containing an exclusive complex of ceramides and digalactosyldiglycerides (DGDG).

  • Visible results on the skin *
  • Reducing wrinkles and crow’s feet for 75% *
  • Improved skin hydration for 79% *
  • Smoother skin 88% *

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