Alidrom 30 capsules Orthonat

Sedentary, high-calorie diet with too much saturated fat and too little food (fast food, too much sugar and fat, large portions etc.), an unbalanced lifestyle, stress, smoking … All these factors can be the cause of many metabolic disorders men over 50 and women older than 60. However, this phenomenon is also observed in younger and younger people (such as teenagers).

Alidrom X contributes to a normal carbohydrate content in the blood (chromium), and is involved in the conversion of fatty acids (zinc).

Alidrom X can be recommended to people with tummy (when fat accumulates especially around the waist): abdominal circumference greater than 80 cm (31.5 inches) in women and greater than 94 cm (37 inches) in men.

Alidrom X can be perfectly integrated into a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

A balanced lifestyle with healthy eating is of course particularly important for young people. This lifestyle will help prevent them overweight or eliminate, to prefer good food over less good, and exercising regularly or sports.

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