Bio-carotene 150 capsules Pharma Nord

Bio-Carotene contains 6 mg of pure beta-carotene per capsule. Beta-carotene is no recommended daily allowance (RDA).   In the body it is converted into vitamin A. This is indicated in retinol activity equivalents (RAE). Of beta-carotene to vitamin A conversion factor 1:12 is maintained. Bio-Carotene is the beta-carotene contained in an oil blend that keeps […]

Carotenoid complex 60 capsules Bonusan

Bonusan Carotenoid Complex contains 100% natural carotenoids from algae, palm oil, spinach and spirulina. Carotenoid Complex delivers significant amounts of pure alpha-and beta-carotene, as well as a host of well-known and lesser-known carotenoids. The capsules contain cold-pressed olive oil, a lipid matrix which allows for better absorption by your client. Key features of Bonusan Carotenoids […]

Vitamin A capsules 4000ie 100 Vitals

Vitamin A supports the vision and the immune system. Vitamin A also helps in keeping the skin and mucous membranes healthy. Finally, it contributes to a normal iron metabolism and plays a role in the celspecialisatieproces. good for eyesight supports the immune system Unfortunately, we can not explain consumers associated with new European regulations that […]

1106 1.3 Beta glucan 60 capsules AOV

AOV 1106 1.3 Beta glucan Beta glucans are among others found in certain grains, mushrooms and yeasts. 1106 1.3 Beta glucan containing 1.3 beta glucan from baker’s yeast. Because it is a purified glucan isolate, it can be used with confidence by people with yeast intolerance. 1106 1.3 Beta glucan contains 120 mg of beta […]

Beta Carotene natural 90 softgels NOW

Natural mixed carotenoids with vitamin E and soya lecithin Distinctive features Carotenoids complex from the zoutmeeralg Dunaliella salina. Rich in alpha-carotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin and lutein. Nu van 27,25 voor slechts 22,44! € 22.44 Naar de website

910 Lutein 6 mg 60 capsules AOV

Lutein 910 Lutein comes from the Latin word luteus, which means yellow. Lutein belongs to the group along with zeaxanthin carotenoids, a group of yellow to reddish dyes. In the food can be found lutein and zeaxanthin in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, endive, kale and broccoli. Contains lutein and zeaxanthin. Belongs to the […]

Astamax 6mg softgels Vitals

Astaxanthin is a relatively unknown carotenoid made by plankton, algae, and some plants, fungi and bacteria; the highest concentration of astaxanthin is found in the green micro-algae Haematococcus pluvialis. Astamax contains astaxanthin superior Astamax contains AstaReal® (natural astaxanthin) from the same producer. The superior production method of AstaReal is unique and provides pure, natural astaxanthin […]