Kelp 150 120 tablets Orthica

Iodine contributes to a normal thyroid function and energy metabolism In the Netherlands, is naturally not a lot of iodine in the diet. Therefore, it is added to table salt (Jozo), bread, bread substitutes and some meats. Vegetarians and people who have little bread, no iodized salt and little or no fish food, have a […]

Bromelain 500mg Lamberts 60vcaps

Bromelain is an enzyme prepared from the fresh pineapple plant. Bromelain can be combined well with Turmeric. A Bromelain-based product should contain at least 2000 gelatin-dissolving units (GDUs) per gram. That is why it is important to use a powerful product like Lamberts that contains such an amount. Nu van 38,25 voor slechts 29,83! € […]

Betaine HCL / pepsin 180tabl Lamberts

This product provides additional acidity to the stomach since Betaine HCL releases hydrochloric acid after swallowing, the same acid that is produced naturally by the stomach. These tablets are designed to dissolve in the stomach where the acidity is required.  As we age our natural production of hydrochloric acid can decline, but its importance for […]

Cinnamon 2500mg lamberts 60tabl

Herbalists have known about cinnamon for 4,000 years and it has traditionally been used to help calm digestive problems, but in recent times cinnamon has been the focus of research that indicates that it may also help the body maintain a more even balance of its energy reserves between meals. The characteristic flavour and aroma […]

Digestizyme 100vcaps Lamberts

Digestizyme provides a broad spectrum of plant-sourced enzymes, which digest protein, fat and carbohydrate and is one of the most popular products of its type in the UK. Digestive enzymes are secreted into the digestive tract to break down food matter into its component nutrients. These can then be absorbed across the gut wall into […]

Ginger Root 550mg 100 capsules NOW

Unfortunately we can consumers in connection with new European regulations do not explain where this supplement can be used. More information on these new rules can be found here . You can send us email through the contact page for the advice. We can also advise you to consult informative websites such or […]