502 Calcium Pyruvate 500mg 60caps AOV

502 Calcium Pyruvate Regular exercise is healthy. It helps in maintaining a healthy weight and gives a feeling fit. To move we use our bones and muscles, and we need energy. 502 Calcium Pyruvate contains pyruvic acid. Calcium pyruvate activates the natural energy in the body and supports the energy level. Calcium is needed for […]

Bio-Calcium & D3 & K1 60 tablets Pharma Nord

High dose of easily absorbed calcium in combination with vitamins D and K Necessary for maintaining strong bones and teeth Necessary for normal bone growth in children Good for the normal functioning of muscle and nerve transmission Provides easily absorbed calcium Contains vitamin K1 and D3, which contributes to a good intake of calcium The […]

Cal Citrate + 60 tablets Orthica

Organically bound with calcium and magnesium vitamin D Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D help to maintain strong bones. For people who use little dairy products it makes sense to take Cal Citrate +. Adult men and women (19-50 years) have an average of 1,000 milligrams (= 1 gram) of calcium per day. 70 + ers […]

Soft Calcium + 60 capsules Orthica

Powerful formula for maintaining strong bones In easy-to-swallow softgels Calcium and magnesium, in addition to zinc and vitamin D play an important role in bone formation. For people who use little dairy products it makes sense to take. Soft Calcium + The recommended amount of calcium is dependent on age and gender. Adult men and […]

Lamberts calcium pantothenate 60tabl

Time Release (Vitamin B5) This is a high strength pantothenic acid supplement which is made in the UK to pharmaceutical standards. The tablets are formulated to be time release so that the vitamin is gradually released over a period of 6 to 8 hours after swallowing. This more closely matches the way a nutrient is […]

Calcium 400mg lamberts 60kauwtabl

Unfortunately, in connection European regulations consumers we may not explain the use of this supplement. More information on these new regulations can be found here. You can email us by the contact page for advice. Nu van 14,86 voor slechts 11,59! € 11.59 Naar de website

Calasorb lamberts

CalAsorb® supplies calcium in the citrate form which is believed to be one of the most easily absorbed compounds of calcium. Three tablets provide a full 800mg of calcium which is the recommended daily allowance.  It is believed that many people’s diets provide insufficient supplies of calcium and yet calcium plays an important part in the […]

Oyster Calcium + Magnesium 70 tablets bonusan

Bonusan Oyster Calcium & Magnesium Plus contains natural calcium from oyster shells, which contributes to the maintenance of strong bones and teeth. To ensure that the lime is well absorbed in the body, our total formula also contains magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin K. Together these vitamins and minerals to support the calcium balance. Oyster […]